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  • Custom Company Label Sticker
Custom Company Label Sticker

Custom Company Label Sticker

Custom Company Label Sticker

1. Material: 3M Vinyl Sticker

2. Color: Colorful

3. Self-adhesive on the back once stuck on, can only be taken off with a screwdriver

4. Weatherproof

5. UV stable ink printing + Varnish



Custom company labels will make your solar system out of the ordinary that your company logo and business information printed in the label, that is an excellent advertising for your company and quality dependable solar system.

Label your own solar label, and more and more resident will know your company through your own company label.


We can make customized service for any designs.

The Label has a good performance on environmental friendly with RoHS standard, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet and long lasting warranty for non color fading outdoors.


The label is suitable for the solar system installed outside of the house.

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