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LXT LABEL KITS, established in 2010, is a professional company in designing and manufacturing engraved labels with main product of solar label kits for solar PV system.

"Free Customized label kits" are our high-lighted competitive services with customers's company logo and business information engraved or printed in the label kits, which is an excellent advertising for their company and high quality and dependable product.

Best Quality UV resistant material are used to produce the label kits to comply to latest version AS 5033 for Australia standard and NEC 690 and 705 for North America standard.

LXT has 10 sets high technical rotary engraving machines to provide engraving prompt and economical service for text, image and photo, and shaping for drilling holes, round edge and cutting to any shape. Different label colors could also be chosen.

All our labels are delivered by Express - door to door service. TNT Express to Australia only take 3 days, and UPS Express to US & Canada 2 days!!

LXT's main advantage is based on high quality label and competitive price, and LXT is cooperating with more than 65 customers in Australia and 30 customers in US & Canada including many famous PV companies since establishment.



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